TitleBills for John Talbot for Lacock household and estate.
Description1. Receipted bill from William Cott for oats.
2. Receipted bill from Thomas Hudd for carriage of lime.
3. Receipted bill from Joshua Blatchley (for John Reyner) for strengthening pills and mixtures, with letter from Ann Reyner, widow, asking John Talbot to pay the bill to Joshua Blatchley.
4. Bill from James Grist for keeping the ducks, lodging for the boy and cleaning, washing and schooling the boy.
5. Receipted bill from Peter Cott for work done at the pigeon house and coach house, with a measure of the panels in the Great Room next to the tower by John Overton.
6. Receipted bill from Benjamin Truman for meat.
7. Receipted bill from Edward Roberts for chairs, turnpikes and flamboyes.
8. Receipted bill from William Clarke for expenses on journeys to Lacock, Bath etc, horses and turnpikes.
9. Receipt for interest from Mary Bayliffe.
10. Receipted bill from James Hemming for stay for horses.
11. Receipted bill from John Tucker for powder and shot.
12. Bill from James Webb for work on estate.
13. Receipted bill from John Cott junior for work at house including repairing locks, mending a floor, making a bookcase, hanging pictures and mending stable doors.
14. Receipted bill from Thomas Webb for expenses and turnpikes.
15. Receipts from Thomas Hudd, James Coyer for the use of Marmaduke Overon deceased, Henry Fripp, Benjamin Truman (2), Anthony Spencer and John Cott.
16. Receipted bill from Christopher Grist and James Carpenter for sawing work.
17. Receipted bill from John Shewring for brawn.
18. Receipted bill from Isaac Marks for mending cases, glass for a watch, blades for `knives and mending a spoon.
19. Receipt from John Turner and Gabriel Golledge, collectors, for land tax.
20. Receipt from Robert Edwards to Thomas Banks for rent of Wickey Mead.
21. Receipt for wages from Edward Roberts.
22. Receipt from Samuel Martyn junior to John Overton for drawing and ingrossing two articles of agreement between John Talbot and William Cleaveland and John Vennell.
23. Receipted bill from John Swinhoe of Brompton Park for fruit.
24. Receipted bill from John Nowell for repairs to a coach.
25. Receipted bill from James Pritchard for smith work and cleaning.
26. Unsigned bill for gloves and britches.
27. Receipt for annuity from Gilberta Talbot.
28. Receipt from Thomas Colborne for rent for Hackpin.
29. Receipted bill from Hester Woodman for tiles for the use of Farmer White.
30. Receipted bill from Henry Jackson for malt and hops.
31. Unsigned bills, possibly from James Webb, for work on estate (2).
32. Receipted bill from Thomas Bullock for hauling stones and fetching coal.
33. Receipted bill from John Bankes for brewing, heading and mending hogsheads, washing and boiling bottles.
34. Measure of John Cott's work in the gallery, bed chamber and coach house, with receipt for payment.
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